Submersible Axial Flow Pumps – Grundfos KWM

By January 29, 2021Technology Blog

KWM submersible mixed flow pumps is ideal for flood control and other heavy during pumping applications and represents strength and durability. These pump include innovative features such as the turbulence optimizer that improve efficiency.

The  high efficient and compact design , makes it possible to reduce the physical size of the pumping solution, and hereby cost of civil construction work, built from cast iron or stainless steel , a wide range of variants using different materials , sensors, surface coating and shaft seal materials are available , ensuring excellent reliability in demanding applications.


These axial and mixed flow pumps are designed for high flow up to 9000 I/S and head up to 23m as standard, high flow and head is available on request. Built to handle large quantities of water, the pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Flood and storm water control
  • Large volume drainage and irrigation
  • Raw water intake
  • Transfer of liquids in large –scale municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Circulation of large quantities of water
  • Water level control is coastal and low –lying areas
  • Filling and emptying of dry docks and harbor installations
  • Filling or emptying of reservoirs


For further details on Grundfos pumps please click here.

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