HVAC Solution for Commercial Building

By June 10, 2021Technology Blog

Grundfos System Manager & Optimiser (SMO)

  • Understanding how each individual component of an air-conditioning system can influence overall performance is crucial for ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Learn more about the differences in piping schemes, the impact of constant and variable flow chillers, and the importance of primary pump selection.
  • Interoperable systems are the norm in the HVAC domain and its important for them to be optimized and energy efficient. SMO is an integrated manager that ensures savings and improves performance.


  1. Touch- Based intuitive dashboards
  2. Remote monitoring system
  3. Cloud based offering (Add-on)
  4. Intuitive performance graphs (COP Values)
  5. Seamless integration and interoperability of high side equipment ( Pumps, Chillers, Valves,CT Fans etc)
  6. Customized for project requirement for chilled water systems

Perfect HVAC  solutions for commercial buildings

  • One stop solution
  • Demand based adaption
  • 4 level of authentication
  • Platform agnostic solution for ease of connectivity
  • Pre- emptive and proactive diagnostics like Alarm & Events

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