HECS Packaged STPs

HECS brings to you a quality revolution in decentralized STPs in India. These state-of-the-art STPs are based on the proven MBBR technology and MBR technology, however it is optimized into a compact design which not only has unmatched merits but also meets the regulatory standards. These technologically advanced units are superior in every way to conventional sewage treatment plants and other packaged STPs available in the market.


These state of the art Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are designed based on proven MBBR and MBR technologies respectively in an optimized compact design.

Capital cost is lower in comparison to conventional RCC Sewage Treatment Plants for Small and Mid Range Packaged Plants.

Only maintenance required is Monthly removal of plastics and desludging every six months. Operators are not required for Small and Mid Range Packaged Plants.

These Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are designed to meet all parameters laid down by the MoEF & CC Standards

This Packaged Plant does not emit any smell except during maintenance. Sound is lower than 50db, similar to that of a mobile phone vibration.

The FRP tanks used are manufactured using state of the art machinery and are individually pre-tested to make it leak proof.


HECS Packaged STPs are available from a flow rate of 2KL/Day upto 500KL/Day