AODD pumps are air- (or natural gas-) operated displacement-type pumps that significantly differ from all other positive-displacement pumps. As a result of air pressure acting on the entire surface of the diaphragm, the diaphragm is in a balanced condition while pumping.


Why Trust BI Marketing for your Sandpiper Requirements?

BI Marketing and Services P Ltd is a trusted sales and service partner of Sandpiper for several states across South India. We are known across South India for the high standards of sales and service support we provide. Our team of highly experienced selection and sales engineers can help provide best optimized pumping solutions for your most complex applications. With our sales and service team spread across South India at over 10+ strategic locations you can be assured of our unmatched sales and service support for Sandpiper Pumps and Sandpiper Systems.


Industries where AODD Pumps are used:

Paints | Ink and Coatings | Ceramics | Pharmacy | Oil and Gas | Food and Beverages | Pulp Packaging | Waste Water | Construction