Lifting Stations Designed for Pumping of Domestic Wastewater – Grundfos Multilift

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MULTILIFT lifting stations are pre-assembled systems intended to lift wastewater from underneath sewer level in structures on any scale, permitting the water to arrive at the sewer system without any problem. They consolidate pumps with tanks and controls to guarantee simple establishment at least expense.

The lifting stations give basic answers for complex issues.

MULTILIFT units range in size from little MSS units for single-story homes to enormous MD1 units made for huge structures. Whatever their size, MULTILIFT units are intended for compactness.

These lifting stations include an assortment of models from little, one-source units to double pump systems, with tank volume limits from 66 liters up to 1,350 liters.


A Lifting station gathers wastewater from beneath sewer level in a structure and eliminates it to the sewer system. It likewise forestalls reverse/backwater in case of high water level in the sewer.

For single-story houses and end of the week bungalows use MULTILIFT MSS or M. Different story houses and business or public structures of any sort consistently require a double pump system; pick MULTILIFT MD, MLD, or MD1/MDV.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Up to five motor sizes accessible for each tank size
  • Pre-assembled units incorporate a non-bring valve back
  • Lower weight implies simple taking care of and establishment
  • Simple to-utilize microprocessor with setpoints for two unique levels
  • Dependable microprocessor control remains up-dated on the working circumstance
  • Top notch pressure sensor without contact to the wastewater and separate high-water caution sensor
  • Adaptable gulf associations utilizing attachments or association pieces.
  • Alternative of three principle DN100 channels with two extra bay associations offers most extreme adaptability
  • Wide scope of tank sizes to suit each application
  • Chamfered tank bottoms to evade sedimentation and lessen lingering wastewater
  • Impenetrable polyethylene material for a gas-and scent confirmation system Non-timing Vortex impellers with let loose entries to 80mm.

For further details on Grundfos pumps please click here.

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