Mitsubishi ‘STERAPORE’ MBR Membranes for Sewage Treatment

By January 28, 2021January 29th, 2021Technology Blog

Mitsubishi Chemical (Japan) is a leading manufacturer of MF/UF hollow fiber membrane products for MBR applications. Their main product, ‘STERAPORE 5600−5700 Series’, is submerged UF membrane with PVDF for MBR.

STERAPORE is a group of hollow fiber membrane products created from Mitsubishi Chemical’s cutting-edge synthetic fiber spinning technology. STERAPORE is available in two configurations: PVDF membrane and PE membrane. STERAPORE offers a wide range of filtration application for separations, purification and concentration.

It has several benefits in comparison with existing products in the market, Some of the major advantages of this product are:

  • Dry Membrane can be stored up to 36 months. Hence it won’t be any problem if projects are delayed / not operated.
  • No backwash required.  Only filtration 7:1 ratio (7 minutes operation) and (1 minute relaxation). This will eliminate the reversible pump in the system.No backwash required, also ensures that hollow fiber membranes do not get physically damaged due to the pressure.
  • The Membrane surface is cleaned by the natural flow of water and with the impact of air bubbles during operation.The 5700 series is a low height membrane which results in easy handling during installation, erection and commissioning of the plant.
  • Don’t require a drain membrane in the cleaning tank.The pore size is 0.05 micron which results in good quality of treated water and removes microorganism / bacteria.
  • Since MLSS in an aeration tank can go up to 15000 ppm  as against 3000-4000 ppm in ASP/SBR. So MBR technology saves space and can also be used for enhancing capacity in existing plants.
  • No Bad Smell, Lower Maintenance Required and Space Saving Product.


For further details on Mitsubishi (MBR) please click here.

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