The Multilift is installed below sewer level in cellars or basements in buildings such as large-scale multi-family houses, public and commercial buildings, blocks of flats, schools, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and industries. The compact system can be integrated at low cost and minimal inconvenience with the building’s existing wastewater soil pipe. Lifting stations are the best protection against backflow events and discharge of all sanitary appliances is ensured, for example after heavy rainfall and overload, or a blockage somewhere in the municipal sewer system.


The Multilift range of single, duplex and heavy-duty systems is the ideal solution for expanding toilet and washroom facilities in situations where the existing possibility for gravity-fed wastewater sewage is inadequate and the cost of digging and installing new, deeper pipe runs would be prohibitive. These pre-assembled complete lifting stations with one- or two-pump systems are designed to lift wastewater from below sewer-level in buildings of any size and into the sewer system.


Suitable for:

  • Commercial wastewater
  • Domestic wastewater

Lifting stations for collecting and removing wastewater of inside buildings.


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