The Richter non-lubricated PTFE sleeved plug valve requires little maintenance and provides on-going trouble free operation, making it an excellent choice for isolation of process liquids, gases and vaporous throughout the chemical industry where pumps, tanks, vessels, reactors and heat ex changers require reliable positive isolation and where there cannot be any leaks to the atmosphere.



  • In-Line adjustment, easy to access, stops media passing the plug and is independent of stem seals
  • Tapered Plug, is pushed into the sleeve providing positive in-line adjustment and sealing so there is no leakage past the plug
  • Stem seal is both static and dynamic as well as self-adjusting with reverse lip diaphragm eliminating leakage to atmosphere
  • PTFE Sleeve has very large sealing area that provides positive shutoff and extended service life
  • Top, bottom and port seal ribs positively lock sleeve into body for better retention ensuring long lasting seal


  • Isolation of pumps, tanks, vessels, reactors and heat ex changers throughout the process chemical industry that handle aggressive media where reliable positive isolation is required and there cannot be any leaks to the atmosphere


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