PulsaPro Series | Process Pump

  • The PulsaPro Series standard continues to set the pace.
  • With different material options for the reagent head,
  • PulsaPro series can successfully handle a variety of liquid, chemical, and gaseous solutions.
  • The PulsaPro series is the next technological evolution in the petrochemical, petroleum, and chemical processing markets.
  • Easy to operate, simple to maintain, the PulsaPro series is design to produce higher flow at higher pressure.



Wet End: 316LSS, PVC, GF-PTFE, Alloy 20, Alloy C, Monel®, DuplexSS, PVDF, Titanium
Flat Diaphragm: PTFE
HYDRAtube Diaphragm: FKM, CSM, PFA
HYDRAcone Diaphragm: FKM, CSM
Pump Body: Cast Iron
Pump Base: Steel, Stainless Steel


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