Why Choose AODD Pumps for your Industries Critical Applications?

By August 6, 2020December 2nd, 2020Technology Blog

AODD pumps are powered by air or gas and requires little maintenance and can handle a vast variety of fluids in the harshest of environments.

Here are 10 Reasons why you could consider AODD Pump!

  1. Electricity is NOT required and can be completely grounded to ensure safe operation.
  2. Pump solid-laden liquids without damaging the pump.
  3. Self-priming with dry run capability.
  4. Can operate in continuous or intermittent cycles without damage to both the system and the pump.
  5. Low Capital Cost and Maintenance ensures value for money.
  6. Deadhead safely with no damage to the pump and smooth restarting.
  7. Shear sensitive and don’t separate / shear the fluid.
  8. Submersible and some models can be submerged without safety or performance concerns.
  9. Seal-less design and no requirement for costly mechanical seals.
  10. Variable flow and head pressures are possible and perform without complicated controls.

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